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The Cottage
The Gardens

Please feel free to explore the gardens surrounding the property.

The gardens of Edenshead are in a mixed state of renovation. After many years of neglect we are trying to re-instate the 1.5 acre walled garden to its former glory. We anticipate that this will take many years and will probably bankrupt us.

Around the property are several acres of mixed woodland with a variety of specmine trees. The path through the woods to the east leads to the "Old Town" across an old listed stone bridge and is an interesting walk.

There is a variety of wildlife that co-habit with us on these lands. You will undoubtable come across the usual rabbits and pheasants. In addition there are moles (unpopular for us gardners), buzzards, sparrow hawks, wood pidgeons and Roe deer. 

The old stables on the right hand side of the drive, have now been converted into a residential property that operates as one of the few 5 star bed and breakfast facilities available in Fife.